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When it comes to wall art in Auckland, our wallpaper hangers and decorators know how to make your walls stand out from the crowd

If you are looking for something a little different for your home or business, then Anando Decorating’s skilled Auckland painting and decorating team can apply special techniques such as wall murals or speciality paint finishes that will add a wow factor to any room.


Some paint effects our team are skilled at are used to create details, such as stencilling, stippling and distressing; others are used to cover whole walls or rooms. When it comes to brush techniques, every design is possible with varying tools, and we can customise finishes to achieve the look you are after. Anando Decorating can also tackle small gibbing and tiling jobs if required.

Our local painters and decorators can offer advice on materials and the best way to achieve the look you are after. Enquire now about wallpaper hanging quotes or talk to us about decorative plaster or creating a feature wall at your home or business.

Wall Vinyls

Wall vinyls are found and used in countless variations and stunning designs mostly in public places, such as hotels, medical centers, cafes and clubs because they are very hard wearing and easy to repair if damage does occur. They come in hundreds of outstanding designs, from subtle to brilliant. They can be a big challenge for professionals to work with. They are difficult to cut due to the strength of the materials. Most joints will need to be double cut, and the rolls are not easy to handle (up to 10kg), and due to its size (1350mm wide, often 50m long). Anando Decorating loves to hang them, with their stunning effects they are always creating a dramatic and stunning change to a place.

Anaglypta Wallpaper

Anaglypta is a wallpaper with a characteristic 3D imprinted effect. As one of the earliest wallpapers it was made as a follow up, or to replace the imprinted metal sheets and panels used in villas built in the 1920s. Anaglyptas often have the look of tiles but they also come with very nice imprinted ornaments and are usually meant to be painted after hanging. They can also come ready painted with options of multi coloured paint effects and would only need a perfect or seemless application and they are ready to shine.

Wallpaper murals

Wallpaper murals are often used as a way to bring big sized artworks onto walls. Digital images are blown up into the right dimensions for the needs of your feature wall. Since we now have the technology of digital big screen printers and laser cutters this method is now perfected and can be delivered in suitable stripes to be hung almost as easily as a normal wallpaper would be! Not to mention, the canvas like surface can be printed on giving the whole project a very arty touch! There are quite a few companies out there offering a big range of art, delivered directly to your home, to be installed by us once we professionally prepare the wall as part of the regular decorating services we offer.

Photo print from private photos - Create a modern feature wall with digital wall art or custom murals

Anando Decorating can help you create amazing feature walls in your home or business by using large wall mural or digital prints. This is an even more personalised idea to bring your own photos right into your home. Revisit the beaches you visited on holiday or bring the bach home so you can see it everyday while relaxing. Since the big screen printers are already found in many print shops it is even easier to bring your ideas to reality, and into your home. These large-scale wall coverings are stuck to the wall using strong glue and require expert skills to ensure they are straight and applied without wrinkles or tears. Wall murals and modern wallpaper are perfect for: a contemporary feature wall in your home where you really want to make a statement children's bedrooms to create a truly fun or personal space business foyers or public waiting areas to add interest or reflect branding classrooms in schools and early childhood centres

3D effect or metal effect wallpapers

This type of wallpaper needs the highest level of professional preparation of the walls and also in handling the paper because every little grain will be visible and exposed through the metal effect surface of that paper. lt really needs to be hung by professional cracks like us! l've seen many paper hangers quickly reaching the limit of their skills, and failing and then leaving a messed up product behind! Often we were called into houses to repair the damages done by colleagues, and most of the time we have to remove it all and start again from scratch. From skimming the walls properly, machine sanding, and create a top surface to be sealed off and then re wallpapered.

Grass wallpaper

This is a very decorative way to bring the calming vibrations of nature into your home! Using a certain type of grass the string has been woven onto the paper backing. Grass wallpaper is a typical design, loved and used often in Asia with a very long tradition. It is usually hung, due to its warming and natural appearance of grass material, in cosy restaurants and bars throughout the city but also in special private homes. Although it is not easy to cut, hang and join we love to work with it, as we love working with natural products.

Floral wallpaper

This type of wallpaper can bring a very quick refreshing change to your home but is also very decorative, i.e. as a feature in your bedroom, or behind a shop display. The demand for decorative and floral wallpapers is high, with more and more requests from our clients. We use the best glue available on the market which gives a longer term guarantee that the joints will hold for many years. Bring the latest modern design, easily and quickly into your home!

Stunning effects are just brush strokes away with wall decoration ideas from Anando Decorating

With over 25 years of experience as a house painter and decorator, Anando has amassed a wealth of knowledge about different painting techniques and can apply these skills to your home or business. Our painting options include: Patterned paint rollers - during his years in business Anando has collected many retro paint rollers from different countries, cleaned and repaired them to apply to new walls. Ancient and modern stencils - these can be applied randomly or used to create a regular pattern. The stencils can be used individually or combined to suit the age and style of the building to achieve the desired decorative effects. As well as being used on walls, they can be used around windows or mirrors, on stairs or on ceilings. Anando also offers a range of other handcrafted finishes including sponging and distressing and stunning Venetian plasterwork.

Restoration of patterned and embossed ceiling panels

Villas and bungalows, while full of character and wonderful features, can also mean some special attention is required with maintenance. Anando's skill and care with restoration of the often delicate ceiling tiles has earned him the highest praise from his clients.

Anando Decorating knows how to make your home look its best from feature walls to exterior painting

Our skilled Auckland house painting team will reflect your vision and ideas for your home in their work, and have the know-how and experience to get the job done the way you want it. 

No matter how big or small the job, our attention to detail means you will be delighted with the finished result. From exterior house painting in Auckland to wallpaper hanging to creating a stunning feature wall, our team can do it all.
Why wait? Get in touch to book our Auckland house painter and decorator services at Anando Decorating and we can make a start on beautifying your home.